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Advanced Google Ads Management

Search campaigns are not easy, but the results can redefine the success of your business.

Advanced Google Ads Management

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a critical part of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy. Pay per click (PPC). A good time to advertise is when a potential customer has already decided that he needs to buy your product or service and is looking to actively purchase it.

A campaign correctly configured by an Adwords specialized agency can be a very cost-effective way to show prospective clients that are actively seeking a solution such as yours. Unfortunately, a poorly planned advertising campaign can be a waste of money.

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Hire us to take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level

How do We do It?

At MiamiSEO, we believe there are two key aspects to successful paid search engine marketing: strategy and tracking.

For each campaign, we create a marketing strategy that defines how your offer will meet the needs of your potential customers. We then use that strategy to create a coherent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, ad message and site experience to generate sales.

Once the campaigns are set up and deliver results, we continue to test and analyze different points of your campaigns daily to make sure they are working in the best way. This is something that only a quality Adwords agency can offer you.

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By combining paid search management, optimization and analytics, we prepare you for success and ensure that your campaigns deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI).

By the way, if you don’t know what Google requires from us Adwords agencies that manage advertising for other companies, you’d better read this: Google Third Party Policy


PPC Advertising’s Role

Pay-per-click can fill some important roles in Your Company

Our SEM Marketing services

Our SEM marketing services in Google Ads consist of 2 phases: Setup and continuous optimization.

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Google Ads is one of the fastest, best targeted and least risky options for advertising your company, only if you set up and manage your campaigns correctly.

Google Ads is the fastest, targeted and safest way to promote your company, as long as it is properly set up and managed.

With Google Ads, the problem lies primarily in the fact that many of the pre-set configurations can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in wasted ads. Currently there are Google Ads agencies such as Miami SEO Agency that have specific skills. With our Google Ads solutions you can prevent the costly errors that are often common and guarantee that your advertising campaign is ready for success.

Phase I: Setup of the Google Ads campaign

Setup of the Google Ads campaign

This is all that is included in the Google Ads (AdWords) settings service:

Keyword research

The initial step is to find the exact keyword combinations that your potential customers are looking for on Google to search for and buy your services & products. We’ll conduct extensive keyword research to determine the best possible Google AdWords opportunities.

Competition research

Next step is to research out your competition to find out the keywords, landing pages ands ads already working on your market.


The third step is to write the texts of your ads to ensure that these, offer and landing page is consistent with the intention of the keywords found in steps 1 and 2.

Reviewing landing pages

The fourth step is to examine your landing page(s). A landing page is a page that the potential customer “lands” after clicking on your ads. Both the choice and what and how is said on each landing page will convert more visitors into leads and sales

Sometimes it is necessary to do a complete redesign of your website to get your competitive advantages to your potential customers. Through our web design and UX team, we can offer you a tailor-made budget to develop them in record time.

Tracking of online and phone call conversions

Step five is to set up both online and telephone call lead tracking so that the number of leads and sales generated directly by your AdWords campaign can be measured. The conversion tracking must be implemented in order for us to measure the ROI and have a clear understanding of the exact ads that are cost-effective.

Campaign settings

We’ll set up your campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords) and adjust everything so that the right settings are made. For example, we’ll make sure your network targeting, geographic targeting, device targeting, ad extensions, and conversion tracking are correct

External tool connections

The last step is to link your campaign in Google Ads with Google Analytics. Depending on each case we will also link them with the appropriate measurement tools

Phase II: Continuous optimization of Google Ads

Our team will optimize and manage your ads campaign in order to optimize return on investment (ROI).

Best Practices and Budget Management

To maximize the return on your investment, your bids and budgets will be edited. For example, we will increase offers to attract more profitable keyword traffic and lower offers to reduce unprofitable keyword traffic.

Test A/B ads and home pages

We will check different ad copies and landing pages to improve ad click rates and sales conversion rates as part of the administration service. The A/B test is the process of testing 2 different versions of ads or landing pages (i.e. version A versus version B) to see which one works best over time. The one with the worst performance is replaced by a third version, which goes into competition with the one that was more successful.

Consultancy to boost campaign performance

We will give you suggestions to boost the performance of your marketing campaign. These cover lead generation, sales and follow-up processes. We aim to consistently increase the return on your advertising investment so that you can expand your campaign profitably.

Expansion of campaigns

Once the first campaigns are profitable, we will work to expand them and generate even more leads and sales. Within Google Ads (AdWords), we can expand to more keywords in the search network and more website locations in the Display Network. Depending on each case, we will also expand to Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Amazon, Tripadvisor, etc.

Monthly reports and analysis

We will provide you with tailored and detailed monthly reports to show you the performance of your campaign, as well as analysis and new ideas to continuously improve performance.



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Who our services are aimed to

Companies that already have a Google Ads account

It’s often the case that you have a Google Ads account (formerly Google AdWords) and think you’re not doing as well as you could. In addition, your time is too valuable to be constantly on the lookout for the right thing to do.

Your doubt is whether you delegate this work to a third party and, if so, how to know if they will do it correctly.

In this case, our proposal is that you allow us to audit your Google Ads account without any commitment. In this way you have nothing to lose, because you will always have a decision on what you could perceive about what we can contribute.

You want to sell on the internet but you are afraid to

Tell us what your project is and we will guide you: from analyzing its potential, to choosing and registering your domain, hosting, we develop your website and design campaigns to attract qualified traffic to make your business on the Internet profitable.

We will measure everything you need and inform you of what you are most interested in without complicating your life with data that does not provide you with anything. This information will be of great value for you to make decisions about your business based on the behavior of your customers.

You are not satisfied with your Google Adwords agency

Although in Spain there are very good online marketing professionals, many companies have also emerged pretending to be professionals and you realize that they are not what they pretend to be when you have invested a fortune.

We could also be one of those Adwords agencies, although with a minimum contact with our team you will be able to draw your own conclusions.

In this case, we suggest that you talk to us and tell us your problem, the rest is a matter of making a decision when you think it is convenient.

You want to expand your business

Although you are not completely unsatisfied with the results you have with your website and Google Ads campaign, you know you can make better use of your business, but you are missing something that you do not fully identify or do not know how to do. Maybe it’s reaching out to other countries, increasing user traffic and having them become your customers, knowing why you have traffic but they don’t buy from you, you have a competitor who is doing very well and you want to do better, etc.

These are the challenges in which we feel like fish in water, since we have experience, equipment, training, tools and desire, a lot of desire, for us to grow together as we have been doing with companies that one day made the decision for us to talk about it. It’s your turn to make a move.

Where ads campaigns fail

While search campaigns can give you fantastic results, it’s also a horrible way to waste your budget.

Over the years we have encountered many online marketing campaigns that struggle to overcome the following challenges:



The closer a customer is to the conversion, the more expensive it is to get to them. Search campaigns target potential customers who are ready to buy. As a result, competition for those customers is fierce.

If you don’t have a great strategy in place to deal with the competition, it can be extremely difficult to make a profit on them.



Search campaigns are effective, but they can also be quite expensive. Unlike other forms of advertising, in this one you pay for every click, so the cost per acquisition can go through the roof.

This increase tends to favor large companies because even though you may succeed with a smaller budget, search campaigns usually work better for companies with a budget of at least $2,000 /month of investment.



Paid search platforms such as Google Ads make setting up a SEM marketing campaign simple. After all, Google makes money if your campaign is successful.

Making the money you invest to pay off, on the other hand, is much more complicated. There are a lot of important details involved in managing a profitable campaign. The amount of time needed to master and maintain paid search campaigns usually takes companies by surprise.


When a Google Ads (AdWords) SEM Marketing campaign is managed without taking into account how the website is designed, profitability is hardly going to be found and therefore we are condemned to failure. There are several issues to take into account, but there is one that directly affects Google Ads, and that is the level of quality that we can check on the same Ads panel for each of the keywords. This level of quality will make us pay more or less money for each click, and although there are several factors involved, most of it is related to the landing page.