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Rich Snippets: what they are and how they boost SEO

Rich snippets are pieces of HTML code that are inserted into the web and help search engines to better understand, structure, and categorize information and therefore show much richer search results to the user. They are super important for SEO positioning. Want more information? At MiamiSEO we will share it with you!

What are rich snippets?

A few years ago, Google began to understand more types of rich fragments and their use spread throughout the Internet. In the following image we can see an example of Rich Snippets in a Google search result:

What are rich snippets

In this example of a Nike Air Force 1 search we can see the use of the enriched fragments, in this case the rating stars. They are used to draw the attention of the users.

So how do they improve SEO?

Rich snippets have become another factor in On Page SEO to take into account if we want to have a greater visual impact on search results compared to our competition. Looking at the image above, we can see how such a result compared to another that does not have those stars will be more likely to receive more clicks, regardless of the position in which it is. This translates into a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to your competition, something that Google values very positively and that will help you climb positions in the search results without a doubt.

In addition to the visual impact that these rich snippets have, using them helps Google correctly understand all the content on your site and can even place your site above organic results, in what is known as “Zero Ranking” or “Zero Position”.

how rich snippets improve SEO

As you can see after seeing this search result, it is extremely important to have these enriched fragments well implemented on your website in order to take advantage of this competitive advantage they provide.

A user who does a search and immediately sees a zero result like this one is more than likely to satisfy their search intention. Google already places websites that have done so among the top results.

Pages where you can use rich snippets

Here’s a list of the different types of pages where you can use mark-up to help Google better understand your type of content and what’s on it:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Databases
  • Events
  • Job Posting
  • Local Companies
  • Subscriptions and paid content
  • Podcast
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Videos

How to implement rich snippets

After seeing some rich snippet examples and understanding the impact they have on your website’s SEO, you may be wondering how they are implemented, right? Well, to implement these rich snippets on your website you should follow the recommendations of the almighty and start using Google’s microformats or microdata.

There are three types of structured data used by Google for rich snippets:

  • JSON-LD (recommended by Google itself)
  • Microdata
  • RDFa

In order to know exactly how to implement rich snippets in your content, you should familiarize yourself with, a platform created by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo with the objective of unifying concepts around data marking. In this repository, you will find thousands and thousands of examples to implement the structured data of your web content.

There are two ways to implement these enriched fragments:

  • By writing the code yourself and inserting it into your website. You can use the JSON-LD Generator platform, where you will find many examples of microdata and you will be able to replicate them on your web by simply copying and customizing the fields that interest you most.
  • Use plugins for markup data. In case you don’t need such a customized solution, there are plugins like All In One Schema Rich Snippets (WordPress), which do all the work of creating the code and implementing it on your website for you. You only have to fill in the fields that interest you within each page or post and the plugin itself will implement them.

Once you have them implemented, you can check whether or not they are working properly in the Google Structured Data Test Tool.

And that’s all about the rich snippets of Google, we can only strongly recommend that you start using them now! Although their use is increasingly extended in SERPs, the truth is that many websites still have not implemented them and this is where you have a great opportunity to gain a very powerful competitive advantage to stand out from the rest and get the attention of your users.

Answered Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are extracts from your web content that are used to categorize the information we provide.

How do you implement Rich Snippets?

You can implement it through plugins in your CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, etc.) or manually through JSON-LD scripts

Types of Rich Snippets

There are Rich Snippets to highlight events, products, recipes, articles, videos, among many others.

How to check if the Rich Snippets are well implemented?

You can validate your Rich Snippets through Google’s Structured Data Test Tool.

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