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✅ Digital channel, a lifesaver for many companies

Digital channel a lifesaver for many companies

Have you ever wondered what we’d be doing during this lockdown if we didn’t have the Internet? Being connected has become a fundamental necessity to help us get through these days of confinement. Most of our leisure time revolves around being online; the same goes for personal relationships: Whatsapp messages, social networks and video calls are, in most cases, the only way to keep in constant contact with our family and friends.

In the field of work, remote working has gone from being something that many companies did not consider, at least in the near future, to being the only way to continue operating. And many businesses now breathe a sigh of relief that they have turned to the digital channel as a support or even an alternative to their physical businesses.

Digital transformation, more needed than ever

We have been hearing for years about the digital transformation and how, sooner or later, all companies should apply it to their business. Some have done their homework and are now happy to have tools for remote management of their businesses. There are also many companies that have found themselves facing forced digitalization in just a couple of weeks. In fact, you could say that the COVID-19 has brought forward the digital transformation of companies in which their CEOs and CDOs did not find the right time to undertake it. Finally, and we would like to think that they are the least numerous, there are those companies that have completely ignored the opportunity to transform themselves to face the new situation and are still waiting for this to happen in order to return to “normality”.

It is true that not all companies are in the same situation: it depends on the sector, on the season and on how they were economically just before this health crisis began. For instance, certain companies, such as the hotel and catering industry or tourism, have been much more affected by the state’s alarm measures than others, such as online shops.

But any business can now benefit from a well-managed digital presence. Even if yours has been one of those forced to stop its activity altogether.

Adjust your online marketing strategy

Any strategy needs time to develop and bear fruit. There are many companies taking advantage of this time to strengthen their brand image and attract the attention of users. So, if you do not have a base of followers in social networks, a database of contacts to send emails to or a good positioning in Google of your website, it is very difficult to get it in just a few weeks.

Our advice is that, as far as you can, start now to lay the foundations of a medium and long-term digital strategy. Whether it’s designing a website, publishing content on your company’s website, starting to communicate with your customers on social networks or by email. Start now, if possible with expert advice, so that the next crisis does not catch you off guard.

However, if you’re one of those who has already planted the seeds of a marketing strategy, don’t throw in the towel now. Many companies are dropping the services they have contracted with marketing agencies because they consider that, at the moment, it is not a necessary investment. We already commented in a previous article why you should not stop your marketing campaigns at a time like this, but adapt your strategy to the situation.

By analyzing the data from your marketing campaigns and actions, knowing your audience well and studying your competition, you can get the most out of your investment.

Take advantage of new opportunities

Thanks to an analysis of the situation, both external and internal, there are many companies that have been able to detect opportunities and take advantage of them. They have seen new needs or demand for new products and have moved quickly to meet them. Proof of this are the online stores that continue to offer their services, the distance learning courses, the strengthening of their brand image of those who have managed their social networks and online advertising well.

Those businesses have also taken advantage of the crisis, seeing how their competitors have completely disappeared from the Internet, and are aggressively advertising themselves. And in the process, they have benefited from lower CPCs because they have less competition.

We are facing a crisis that forces us to seek new ways of working and doing business. That has made us realize that it is a good idea to diversify in order to survive this type of contingency. What has always been known as “not putting all your eggs in one basket”. Perhaps it is the best time for many businesses and professionals to decide to put aside their doubts and dare to make the leap to the Internet.

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