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Content is King

You have probably heard many times that content is king and as SEO experts we can confirm it. There is no doubt that contentcreation marketing is required to have a page with quality information, suited for your niche and interesting for your audience.

Relevant Content

65% of the content created for websites is unattractive to their target audience.
Differentiate yourself by creating relevant content.

original content

Original Content Creation

Original content, designed for your customers, will improve your conversion rate.

Generating relevant and useful content is essential to attract customers organically to your website. It serves to give visibility to your brand, position your company as a reference in its sector, increase organic traffic to your page and seduce your potential customers.

Still, there are many companies that do not give content creation the relevance it deserves. Paying attention to what you communicate through your corporate website and blog will help you attract qualified users who are really interested in your products or services. Thanks to this, you will be able to increase your conversions.



  • 100% original content containing between 600 and 700 words.
  • Specialized content is written by journalists.
  • Optimized and quality SEO texts.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the project to determine the most suitable content.
  • Research on the most popular pages of the competition.
  • Creation of a long tail strategy of monthly titles.

Terms of service:

Titles provided by the client.
Delivery of the content in Word.
Only one change per text.
100% payment before starting the work.



  • 100% original content containing between 600 and 700 words.
    Specialized content is written by journalists.
  • Optimized and quality SEO texts.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the project to determine the most suitable content.
  • Research on the most popular pages of the competition.
  • Creation of a long tail strategy of monthly titles.

Terms of service:

Title creation included.
Delivery of the content in Word.
Only one change per text.
100% payment before starting the work.

How do We Do it?

A deep knowledge of your target audience is essential to create relevant texts.

Content creation marketing is a commitment, a long term investment, which involves a continuous effort over time. Having a blog on your website is useless if you do not update it periodically. After a study of your target audience, of the competition, of the keywords you should use…

You need a short and medium term planning for your blog contents. This way you will have articles that are adapted to your business objectives: aligned with the interests of your clients and with a theme always related to the services you offer.

Hire a Professional
Content Creation Agency for your Brand

Content Creation Focused on SEO

When writing a text for a website, it is not enough that it is written correctly and without spelling mistakes, which is of course also indispensable. The people who visit your website are not the only ones who will read the text: so will the “spiders” or bots of the search engines, such as Google or Bing.

The organic ranking of your website depends on them, so the wording, structure, length, usage and density of keywords, calls to action… Everything must be oriented to the spider that will walk through your pages. But they must still be readable and engaging for humans, who after all are the ones who must understand and interpret those texts.

content seo

Our content cration and copywriting services

We write content for your website and/or your blog. When you create a website from scratch, you need to provide it with text and content to start receiving traffic organically. Depending on the type of page, the amount of text needed will vary.

Copywriting for your website

This is what is included as part of the content creation service for a website:

Keyword research

It is important to identify which are the most used words or expressions among the customers of services or products similar to the one you offer. Search engines better position those pages that offer the information as close as possible to what the user is looking for. So the closer you get, the more likely it is that you will appear in the top positions

Study of the target audience

There are many characteristics of your audience that determine how you will approach them. For example, their geographical location, their age, their tastes, their habits, their needs, their problems… The better we know your target audience, the more we can personalize the texts to address them

Drafting of the texts

When writing the texts, it is important to make the previous points converge: to manage the creation of texts that represent your company and that answer the needs of the client, always using a tone that is appropriate to him. Of course, we will always keep in mind the search engines, which in the end are the ones that will provide organic traffic to the site.

Review of the texts by the client

Once we have the texts written, we will send them to you so that you can review them and have a final version. Nobody knows your company better than you, so we value any suggestion or contribution you can make to improve the final result. Once we have your feedback, we will integrate it into the existing text so that it retains the same tone, optimized structure and use of keywords.

Layout and publication

With the final and agreed texts, we will proceed to incorporate them into your website. These texts should be accompanied by images that follow the same criteria as the texts, either from an image bank or, preferably, your own original images.

Maintenance of your blog

Once the website is up and running we will proceed, if you wish, to write articles for your company’s blog.

Research on relevant searches

In a blog, the articles are usually focused on solving doubts that your potential customers may have regarding your sector, product or service. But in addition, the content creation must be original and unique, which will give your page authority and differentiate you from the competition.

Determining the tone to be used

Previously, you will have to carry out an in-depth study of the type of client you need in your business to determine how you want to address him/her and the tone you are going to use. It is essential that your blog articles are aligned with the interests of your customers. To do this you must know what they are concerned about and what they want to know, to write about it. In addition, the subject matter should always be related to the services offered and your objectives. Talking about topics that have little to do with your activity will only confuse your readers and make them leave without taking any action that will benefit you.

Planning and scheduling of articles

We will make an analysis to determine the relevant dates for your business, sector events that we can take advantage of to capture traffic, seasonality of your products or services, etc. Taking into account these factors, and depending on the frequency that we consider necessary or that we agree with you, we will create a content creation calendar for your blog.

In addition, the calendar of content for your blog also allows you to plan content for social networks. The content created for your blog is perfect for sharing in your company’s social networks, since it increases the interaction of your followers, you will create a brand image and increase your website traffic.

Writing articles

Articles will be written periodically, at the agreed length. These articles will be divided between satellite articles, between 450 and 1000 words, and main articles of more than 1000 words. The text will be provided with a royalty-free image or one that you provide us with.

Review of article performance

At MiamiSEO we believe that analyzing results helps us to continuously improve. That’s why, periodically, we will review the performance of the content creation for your blog. Thus, we check which are the most popular topics, if the users your website attracts are qualified, if we need to write other types of articles to align the type of user with your company’s objectives… If the results do not correspond to your company’s objectives, we will modify the topic, focus on other Keywords or modify the tone.

When was the last time you updated your website’s blog?

To Whom We Aim our Services

Companies that already have a website, but need to optimize their texts

When a project is started, it is common for the first version of the web to be done quickly, so that it is up and running as soon as possible. Many times fundamental aspects such as structure, design… or written content are overlooked.

As the business grows, the need to optimize the website for more conversions arises. This is when the intervention of a professional team comes into play, who can optimize it for you to get the most out of it. At MiamiSEO we can perform a content audit to detect all those aspects that can be improved, and write new texts retouching the existing ones according to your needs.

Companies that need a completely new website

If you have decided to create a successful website from scratch, you will need to feed it with original and relevant texts for your target audience. Having texts that distinguish you from the competition and highlight your value proposition will make customers remember you.

No matter what type of website you have, we can create texts for the categories and products of an e-commerce, a corporate website, a landing page, etc. All this has a very positive effect on the organic rankings of the different pages that make up your website, getting customers to come to it organically.

You want to include a blog section to your website

There are many companies that have optimized their websites but once they are finished, they do not update them again with any kind of content. If you want to attract customers organically, one of the best ways is to develop a content marketing strategy designed for your target audience. Organic ranking benefits from frequent updates, as search engines understand that it is a website that offers new content to its readers. This is easy to achieve through the news section or the blog, but it must always be done by offering quality and interesting content, to get your users to perform the final action you want to achieve: conversion.

Companies that write their own articles, but don’t know how to optimize them

If you enjoy writing the texts for your own business blog, but lack the knowledge to make your content meet your company’s goals, we can help you. You can continue to generate your own content, but with a team of professionals who will guide you on the publication schedule you should follow, the internal linking of the text, the best structure of the content, etc. You only have to send us the articles and we will make them work.

Where does a web content fail?

You can write articles, but if they don’t rank in search engines, don’t connect with your audience and don’t meet your company’s goals, you’re wasting your time.

Many of the websites and blogs that we have analyzed for our clients, face the following problems:

Duplicate content

Duplicate content

One of the errors we frequently detect is the duplication of content or the copying of third party texts. These practices are penalized by Google and can affect the ranking of your website in search engines, so you should avoid them at all costs.

Duplicate content is any text that appears in more than one URL. And not only on other sites but also on your own site. Search engines, such as Google or Bing, like informative and valuable content. Their goal is to be able to offer relevant and quality results to users who search. If you have the same content repeated several times throughout your website or you have copied and pasted the content of others, search engines will conclude that your website will not be useful to their users.

Your website will not show up in the search results as it will be considered as a site that does not offer quality content. If you continue to use these practices, you will end up disappearing from the search results. In reality, you’ll be moving away from the objective for which you probably started to publish content on your website or blog: to position your business in search engines and attract new customers.

Poor knowledge of the target audience

You may think that, as long as you give the necessary information and your text is correctly written, everything will be fine. But there are many ways to write a text to guide it to your ideal client. Not all people are the same, nor do they care about the same things, nor are they used to being addressed in the same way.

It is necessary to study and be clear about who the customer of your business is, their age range, their geographical location, their tastes, their needs… Your texts must be aimed at that customer and only at that customer, so it is essential to adapt your language, your tone, the images, the expressions, etc. to that ideal customer.

Texts that are not aligned with the company’s final objective

You may have original texts on your website, which include very interesting and correctly written information. But when it comes down to it, you don’t achieve the goals you set out to achieve when you created your website.

The key is to put yourself in your potential client’s shoes: do you have articles in your blog that are really useful to them? Are you offering solutions to their problems? You shouldn’t strive for originality if it’s going to take you away from your sales or lead capture objectives.

Let us Help you Outperform Your Competition.