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SEO Audit

Detect errors
in your website through a
complete SEO audit

We help you find out what your site’s errors are
so you can fix them and improve your results

What is an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is the best tool to discover all the flaws in a page and the most appropriate way to optimize it and put it to compete for good positioning in search engines. It is ideal in order to determine the health of your website and to discover why the actions and changes carried out in the past have not been effective.

Why is it essential to conduct an SEO audit?

It doesn’t matter which SEO actions you perform on your website, it will not get results if it is not healthy. For that reason, in MiamiSEO we dedicate such attention to all web audits, to offer a complete analysis service, to determine the state of your website, critical points to solve as soon as possible, and the solutions needed to help you optimize your project and turn it as the powerful tool you have ever wanted.

Never leave such a sensitive job in the hands of a tool or automatic program. Our team specialized in SEO will be able to detect all the errors and the analysis of their effect on your website in order to offer you timely fixes that improve your visibility and increase its organic growth.

Reasons why your website may need an SEO analysis

These are a few of the signals that can indicate when it is time to submit your website to one of our audits:

  • You don’t have an optimized website and you don’t know where to start improving it.
  • No matter how hard you work on SEO and content, you can’t get it off the ground.
  • Your search engine optimization strategies have not adapted to Google’s changes.
  • You haven’t paid attention to the importance of titles and meta descriptions.
  • The URL architecture of your page does not favour positioning.
  • You have duplicate or poor quality content for search engines.
  • In the past you implemented incorrect actions that now take their toll.
  • You may have been penalized and don’t know it.
SEO analysis

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what to do after seo audit

What to do after an SEO audit?

Once you’ve figured out what the problem with your website is, then you can:

  1. If you have knowledge of SEO: after identifying the errors, and if you have the necessary experience and training, you will be able to implement the changes and solve them yourself.
  2. In case you know something about SEO: if you have some basic skills but need help, you can hire an SEO consultant. We will explain to you those issues where you have doubts.
  3. With no SEO expertise: if you have found out what’s going on but don’t know how MiamiSEO can help you. Our SEO consulting team will take care of all the actions that your website requires in order to grow.

Web SEO audit Price

We cannot give you a fixed price for a SEO audit of your website.

We offer an added value by performing customized SEO audits adapted to each client and each website. Therefore, the price will never be fixed but will vary depending on each website.

To find out what the price of an SEO audit is for you, just contact us. We will inform you without obligation.

What is detected by our audits?

Here are some of the common errors we find:

Related issues with your site’s content

We identify the existence of duplicate content, keyword cannibalization or poor quality content that may affect your ranking and negatively impact your site.

Review of titles, meta descriptions and ALT

Our team ensures that the titles H1, H2, H3, etc. are properly implemented, that the meta descriptions on your pages are of high quality, and that the ALT attribute is present in your images.

Optimization and status
of the URL’s

We identify the presence of broken links, if your page’s URLs have been optimized and the URLs that need to be de-indexed because they are not relevant and drain the crawling budget.

Web redirection review

Poorly or not properly implemented redirects can result in 404 errors that impact the user experience as well as affect SEO. Knowing if they have been well implemented is basic to optimize your website properly.

Harmful external link detection

If your website receives a lot of toxic links its rankings can be negatively affected, we carefully analyze the existence of those links and the actions that should be taken to remove them. These bad urls can also affect your local SEO

Loading speed of the pages

A page that is slow, not good for mobile devices and/or has problems loading is a page that is difficult to organically rank. We indicate necessary improvements to ensure the speed and efficacy of your website.

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